Grounds for Objection – Highways


Highway Safety 

The bend just before the turning into High Loxly Road on the B xx at ‘Pratts Corner’ is already notorious for the number of major and minor car accidents which occur there.  These are caused mainly by people driving too fast.  The introduction of a ‘temporary’ (3 year) speed limit reducing speeds from 60mph to 30mph without any physical traffic calming measures is not going to slow the majority of traffic down. The additional slow moving HGV traffic turning into and out of High Loxley Road which this application will generate will have an unacceptable impact on highway safety on this stretch of the B2130 (Dunsfold Road) and is therefore contrary to Paragraph 109 of the NPPF 2019.

Traffic routes

Some of the HGV routes proposed by the Applicant are simply ludicrous and there is no realistic prospect of them being followed by drivers. For instance, according to the Applicant, HGVs approaching the Loxley site from the west (i.e. Basingstoke direction) will drive up the M3, around the M25 to Gatwick, down the A24 to Horsham and then north back up the A281 to Loxley.  This is not going to happen. Instead they will come across country via Farnham or the Blackwater Valley Relief Road and work their way down to the site via Godalming or Guildford.  The Applicant should be challenged about its traffic proposals and told to produce a more realistic traffic management plan so the real impacts can be assessed.